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RP Funding Center
701 W Lime St.
Lakeland, FL 33815

Main Numbers
Administration: 863-834-8100
Administration FAX: 863-834-8101
Box Office (Business Hours): 863-834-8111
Box Office FAX: 863-834-8125
Ticketing: 888-397-0100

Executive Director Tony Camarillo 863-834-8133
Assistant Director/Booking Scott Sloman 863-834-8144 
Executive Administrative Assistant Lindsay Hansen  863-834-8145 
Receptionist TBD 863-834-8100
Director of Sales John Oney 863-834-6116 
Sales Assistant Stacy Keller 863-834-5110
Box Office:
Box Office Manager Jennifer Clark  863-834-8136 
Assistant Box Office Manager  Cassie Young 863-834-8121
Event Services:
Director of Event Services  Allison Jones  863-834-8147 
Senior Event Manager  Brenda Lee Day  863-834-8146 
Event Manager  Billy Bures  863-834-8119 
Event Manager  Taunya Cordova  863-834-8110 
Event Services Assistant  Linda Kelly  863-834-8653 
Food and Beverage/Catering:
Interim Food and Beverage Director  Tim Mahler 863-834-8109 
Catering Sales Manager Tara Reeves  863-834-8132
Business Office Manager Pamela Granberry 


Information Systems/Accounting:
Controller/IS Manager  Steven Collazo  863-834-8123
Assistant Controller Judi Jordan  863-834-8125 
Accounting Assistant Sherry Canto 863-834-8138 
Director of Marketing Jason Refermat 863-834-8115 
Digital Communications Manager Mary Beth Scott  863-834-8143 
Group Sales/Marketing Associate 
 TBD 863-834-8137 
Director of Operations  Peter Caruso 863-834-8134 
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor TBD 863-834-8149 
Operations Manager David Hall 863-834-8140 
Technical Services Manager Joseph Havens  863-834-8142 
Assistant Technical Services Manager David Zielinski 863-834-6147 

Guest Services/Parking:
Guest Services/Parking Manager  Brandon Flynn  863-834-8124