Parking Policies
The parking policy for RP Funding Center is established by The City of Lakeland and The Lakeland City Commission. As mandated by the City of Lakeland, all events will be charged for parking. A consumer trade show is defined as an event whereby the general public or members of particular trade group or business are invited to purchase or tour the products on display. A separate admission into the event may or may not be required. 

Pre-paid parking is defined as parking whereby the show promoter is responsible for paying a daily set fee for each vehicle parking on RP Funding Center property. This fee is usually discounted from the normal collected parking fee. 
The "per vehicle" fee is set in advance of the show; however the number of vehicles may or may not be set in advance. However, an understanding and approval of the fee and vehicle count must be in place prior to the event between the show promoter and the RP Funding Center. 

Collected parking is defined as parking that is paid directly to RP Funding Center by the consumer upon entering the property. This fee is usually not discounted, however may vary based on the size and type of vehicle and charged on a daily basis. 

Consumer/Trade Shows
1. Any Consumer or trade show booked as of June 1, 2006 will be subject to collected parking.

2. Shows utilizing less than 15,000 square feet of rental space (not actual display space) and have held the same event in the facility for a consecutive 3-year period prior to 06/01/06 have the option of:

Option A - Collected Parking

Option B - Pre-paid parking - A count will be conducted utliizing a RP Funding Center staff member(s) positioned at all entrances with a counter to monitor first-time partrons that enter the room. The cost of the TLC staff member(s) will be charged to the event promoter. The count submitted by the Center will be considered final. 

3. Shows utilizing more than 15,000 square feet of rental space will be automatically subject to collected parking. 
These policies are subject to change.

Disabled Parking
RP Funding Center offers more disabled spaces than the state requires. There are numerous areas of disabled parking around the facility. There are assigned parking areas for those with disabilities in the Red and Green lots on each side of the Arena, as well as the Blue parking lot for Theatre events. For events in the Arena, Exhibit Hall and Sikes Conference Center, please use the Red parking lot and Entrance 2 into the complex. Entrance 2 is at ground level and provides the easiest access for wheelchairs. Theatre events use the Blue lot and accessible ramp that is available.

Pricing and General Information
RP Funding Center offers 3,000 exterior parking spaces plus 500 overflow spaces on site for patrons in the center's five color coded parking lots that surround the complex. Parking for cars is $8.00 per entry; oversized vehicles are $15.00 per entry and overnight parking is $35.00 per night (by permit only). Overnight parking is available during special events. We offer a dump station and fresh water to fill on board restrooms. One day passes with multiple re-entry are available for purchase at $10.00 personal vehicles, and $19 for buses and oversized vehicles. Please note that prices are subject to change. Parking fees may vary for select events. To make special parking arrangements, please call 863-834-8124 or email
Brandon Flynn.