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Executive Director:
Tony Camarillo
Assistant Director/Booking:
Scott Sloman
Executive Administrative Assistant:
Lindsay Hansen
Anneke McIntosh


Director of Sales:
John Oney
Sales Assistant:
Jessica Rhodes

Box Office

Box Office Manager:
Jennifer Clark
Assistant Box Office Manager:
Cassie Young

Event Services

Senior Event Manager:
Dana Walker
Event Manager:
Billy Bures
Event Manager:
Taunya Cordova
Event Manager:
Event Services Assistant: 
Linda Kelly

Information Systems/Accounting

Controller/IS Manager:
Steven Collazo
Assistant Controller:
Keturah Loughlin
Accounting Assistant:
Sherry Canto


Director of Marketing:
Jason Refermat
Digital Communications Manager:
Mary Beth Scott
Marketing and Group Sales Manager:
Lindsey Lobur


Director of Operations:
Peter Caruso
Facilities Maintenance Manager:
Keelan Haworth
Operations Manager:
David Hall
Technical Services Manager:
Joseph Havens
Assistant Technical Services Manager:
David Zielinski

Guest Services/Parking

Guest Services/Security/Parking Manager:
Greg Conroy

Levy Food Services 

Director of Special Projects:
Jimmy Kraus
Director of Catering and Sales: 
Keith Mahoney